Big Slick - Customizable Lube Skids

Service Truck Depot lube skids allow you to turn your service truck into a lube truck with added convenience and flexibility. Lube Skids provide mobility and ease of transport. They are designed to fit a wide variety of service trucks.

Below you will find what our product offers to assist in discovering which one will best suit your needs. If you're in the market for a new service truck, see our customizable Service Trucks.


  • 40/40/40 fresh product
  • Radius tank corners for added strength
  • 11 gauge formed shell with inserted sides
  • Vented twist-lock fill opening
  • Single air connection for customer provided air system
  • Air operated Graco® 1” aluminum diaphragm pump
  • On-load/off- load through single hose with 4-way valve
  • Graco® spring rewind hose reel with ¾” suction hose, with ball valve
  • 80 gallon waste oil storage tank
  • Filter / regulator
  • Internal product pumps for protection from damage
  • Graco® 3:1 air operated reciprocating pump
  • Graco® spring rewind hose reel with ½” x 35’ delivery hose, terminated with Graco® metered nozzle and holder
  • Three 40 gallon product tanks
  • Top mounted reels for operator convenience and cleanliness
  • Powder coated parts

Features & Benefits

  • Service Truck Depot Lube Skids can be set on the ground, put in the bed of your truck, or mount the reel compartment remotely
  • Service Truck Depot Lube Skids withstand hoisting, relocation, and frequent use
  • The reel compartment is enclosed on the lube skids, so your truck and job site will be cleaner.
  • Optional: LINE-X lining

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